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Hormone related diseases are increasing globally and, in EU alone the total costs associated are about €636 to €637 billion per year and, according to the Health and Environmental Alliance (HEAL) report, by reducing the endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) exposure health savings of up to €31 billion per year are possible; it is estimated that 20% of total dietary exposure to chemicals comes from drinking water.

The NABIA project proposes and develops solutions to decontaminate waste and drinking waters using microalgae to improve health and wellbeing, and promote health care savings by preventing exposure to chemicals and the related diseases arising from contaminated water, thus contributing to the sustainability on health and care systems Using quantitative and qualitative indicators from water monitoring and Human biomonitoring NABIA will identify contributions of environmental chemicals from water usage on the human body burden and link these with aetiological outcomes. Also, it promotes social and political awareness of the adverse effects of water contamination on human health;

NABIA will provide tools to inspire changes in policies and empower policy makers and implementers to apply them by providing robust evidence, data and information. With this approach, the project contributes to preserving, protecting and improving the quality of the environment and to prevent disease and promote health and wellbeing. NABIA is strongly committed to the transfer of research into policy and practice; to achieve these goals, an international consortium of experts (researchers, public, government, policy makers and implementers, industry, ONGs, private, and civil society actors) will combine efforts and will mobilize support of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.


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