How To Invest

As investor you will get privileged access to scientific knowledge and different options of investment for different types of projects; you will get the chance to obtain a rate of return far superior to the one offered by conventional investment means and still contribute to scientific development.

Once you register you can start investing in scientific shares. These are research shares. So, they are start-ups shares, participations in R&D Calls and shares in projects of R&D. These are monetary investments whose investment is ultimately intended to provide a financial return for investors.

With three business areas unfolding to allow for a wider range of investment options, and a market area where you can sell their holdings, the R&D Sales platform aims to create value for their investors by offering returns combined with a social contribution. Each area has specific features that are sure to meet different investment strategies.

These holdings do not provide access to ownership of intellectual property, it belongs to project promoters.

Be part of the latest scientific progress.