Why R&D Stock Market?

The objective of the R&D SM platform is to contribute to science progress providing an alternative funding platform to scientific projects. We’re commited to promote society’s involvement with science and thus increase the necessary funding to carry out projects of economic and social value. R&D SM provides a solution to the problem that all researchers face: budget cuts that affect scientific research.

We generally believe that when it comes to science research, we’re talking about humanity as a whole and not just a few of us. A large number of investors are the best way to democratize science funding.

How does it work?

R&D SM is a powerful science based platform that enables Startups, scientific projects, scientific calls and NGO science projects to quickly engage a large network of investors to raise capital.

What are Scientific shares?

Scientific shares are research shares. So, they are startups shares, participations in R&D Calls and shares in projects of R&D.

These are monetary investments whose investment is ultimately intended to provide a financial return for investors.

With three business areas unfolding to allow for a wider range of investment options, and a market area where you can sell their holdings, the R&D Sales platform aims to create value for their investors by offering returns combined with a social contribution. Each area has specific features that are sure to meet different investment strategies.

These holdings do not provide access to ownership of intellectual property, it belongs to project promoters.

What are the benefits of investing in science?

Beyond the potential profits, investors can enjoy the additional benefit of being part of a greater purpose, contribute to science advances (be a part of the next big discover), choose the course of and contribute to the culture of innovation by supporting researchers and their work.

How the IP is protect?

The R&D SM platform will provide draft agreements in order to simplify all the process and to protect the IP. It is also possible to use the filtering tools from the platform in order to restrict access to your project.

Create a Profile

Each investor, researcher, company, must create a profile that provides access to the platform functionalities and options.

It should provide an overview of the company call, project, product, service and funding goals.

Public Profile

Anyone can view your company’s profile if you choose the “Public Profile” option. There is a Public Profile option which allows everyone to see your profile and attract attention to your company, product, and/or services. You are free to promote your company and products using your public profile.

If you choose to keep your profile private, than your profile information is only accessed by the people you want (a certain group of people/institutions).

Only registered Investors can see your Business Plan?

The Business Plan section is locked and only available to those investors that are registered in the platform. Investors can also browse projects that are conducting equity, reward or donation campaigns on the site.

If a non-register person is interested in your company after viewing your Public Profile, they can see your private Business Plan after registration.

Of course it is also possible to use the filtering tools from the platform in order to restrict access to your Business Plan or other information that you consider that should not be public.

Describing the project

Describe the Problem, the Solution and the Market Size. It is important that you communicate these in summarized and short sentences.

The Problem

Identify a painful problem. The more severe the problem you’re solving, the more important your research becomes. When you’re explaining your problem, discuss the importance of the research you’re working on and how it can affect people’s daily lives.

The problem should be easily understood, something that anyone can easily relate to, and wants to see it solved.

The Solution

After having identified the problem, you can present a possible solution. Hope is part of the social contribution that science brings to mankind. Do not forget to mention that this is a research project and that the final solution may require further work.

Define the Market Size

Since your project will include a business opportunity, it is important that you provide some financial information. The Market Size is often more important to equity investors than your research work per se. Investors want to know if your project will generate money, but also the size of the target audience for the product. A big market will potentiate the value of your project and, therefore, the return on their investment.

Put it all in a paragraph

You should be concise and summarize your project in just a few sentences long.

The project details are explained in the project presentation which appears when someone clicks in your project photo. In this first approach, it is important to get the attention of the viewers.

What are R&D SM Templates?

The R&D SM templates will help you to fill the submissions forms to prepare your project. In addiction is possible to contact our partners for expertise like marketing, law consulting or video making, for example.

Does R&D SM review each project?

Yes, we review every project.

However, the projects are the sole responsibility of developers and it is up to them to answer any questions, in a communication which will be set between the two parts. The platform only serves as a support for these contacts.

The R&D SM platform reserves the right to remove any contents which might be considered as spam, abusive, trolling or violating the law or ethics.

Will we confirm and approve all the information provided by each promoter?

Yes, we confirm and approve the information of the project promoter and the project itself.

Business plan

You can find a template and the necessary help to present your project.

Your Terms

The details concerning the conditions in which your investment will unfold should be specific in this area and should be consistent with the contracts that the R&D SM platform provide. To this end, you may use the services of our partners which can aid you in the process of these legal details.

Also the desired amount, the duration of the campaign, campaign type (equity, donation, reward, royalties, etc.) should be completed in advance.


It is important to submit a summary that explains succinctly and with little confidential details to get the attention of potential investors.

How can I protect the confidentiality of my idea?

The only plausible way is to restrict the number of investors who are granted access to confidential data using the filtering tools from the platform.

Will my project have shares directly issued to the investors?

Yes, Contracts will always be held between investors and promoters.

Once I’ve received all the money I’m seeking, how will the investment in my project work?

It depends the investment area of your project. If it’s an On Demand Project, then you’ll only get 50% of your funds and the second parcel of 50% depends upon the endorsement of the promoting company, which will assess the research progress, based on the intermediary report.

If we’re talking about a Start-up or Science Project, all funds will be deposited in promoters account as soon as the campaign term reaches its end.

What is the minimum and the maximum that a project can raise?

There is no minimum or a maximum that a project can raise.

What is the Minimum Investment required?

The minimum investment is sated by the promoters.

How do I make money out of my investment?

If you invest in Start-up shares: The main method to profit from your investment is by selling shares, bought from another corporation or through a secondary market (stock exchange).

If you invest in Research project shares: You can obtain your ROI selling startup shares (which will be created), or through patent licensing or selling.

If you invest in R&D on Demand call shares: You can obtain your ROI when the research ends.

What happens if my backed up project fails?

In some cases, start-ups can be sold in nominal value. In other instances, the startup might not close its doors, but shares lose their actual value.

There are risky investments with real risk of partially or totally losing all invested capital.

Are scientific shares a safe investment?

No. Investing in scientific shares is considered a high risk investment. You can invest in different projects simultaneous to minimize possible losses and increasing profit probability. You should only invest what you’re willing to lose.

Can I lose more capital than the original amount?

No. As an investor, your liabilities restrict themselves to the amount you’re investing.

Can I contact the project promoters?

Yes of course. You may request additional information as needed. It is up to promoters to answer all questions related to your project.

Information’s provided by promoters are given as a need-to-know basis to provide a context about the project and how to transform it into an investment worthy business. It is not necessary, nor advisable, to dive into scientific details which do not enhance the understanding of the project and may jeopardize the protection of intellectual property.

Which tax reliefs are available for investing in science shares?

This depends on the tax system within your country. The R&D Stock Market platform will send a tax document to your email on your investment, be it of any kind (equity, donation…).

What are the payment methods?

There are currently …… ways to pay for your investment:

Can I withdraw my money after investing in a project or invest it in another campaign?

No, when you make an investment, your money becomes committed to that project – meaning that you can no longer withdraw it or invest it elsewhere. But if the project is an “all or nothing” type and does not receive commitments for all of the money it is seeking, we credit the money back to you, and you can then withdraw it or invest it in another investment campaign at any time.

Will my investment be public knowledge?


Who can be an investor?

You must be 18 years or older to use the Service which you entitle yourself to as you commit to willingly, as you use our services. Keep in mind that you can use our service but will not be able invest or to start any funding projects unless you are the age of 18. 

Pricing and Fees

The fees will be charged to the entrepreneurs: 5% of the total raised and Bank costs (cost of processing the transaction by our financial partner), VAT (is a 23% VAT charged on the ‘platform costs’ and ‘Bank costs’) and Transaction costs (fees that are being charged for the selected payment provider: MasterCard, Visa, Pay Pal, Go Coin, etc.).

What are the Transactions procedures?

Buyers acquire shares after the payment directly to the platform. Sellers receive value credit. This value credit will be transferred to the promoter´s account at the end of the campaign.

Ex: €100 invested= €100-€5 (platform 5% fee)- €0.75 (Bank costs per transaction)- €1.32 (VAT)- €2 (transaction costs) = €90.93.

Can I seek funding for a project for free?

Yes, to post a project in the platform it is required only to be a registered member.

What happens if I invest in a campaign but the project doesn’t reach its goal? No Success Fees

In all investment options, the transaction costs are supported by the investor, the money will be returned to bankers if, in the end, the project did not collect the necessary amount of money needed. This will be deducted at the time of the investment. This fee is a standard credit card processing.